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      News  |  WatchWord at International CRE 2010

      News  |  WatchWord at International CRE 2010


Be Transformed

Did you know the single best indicator of whether a Christian lives any differently than the culture at large is if he or she reads the Bible at least four or more times a week? 

That's the finding of research commissioned by the American Bible Society. No other single factor shows a significant difference: not church attendance, not praying, not giving, not even service. The one factor that shows a distinctive difference in how we live is if we read the Bible at least four or more times a week. Not even three times a week made the difference. The turning point was four times or more.
The finding of this new research is so exciting to me and has renewed our zeal to encourage people to make The Bible Channel a part of your daily life.

This resource offers the One-Year Bible Reading Plan that automatically delivers a new chapter to watch each weekday of the year. You can watch a new chapter five times a week by simply clicking a button. Everything else is automatic. There is no easier way to read the Bible as a daily discipine that will change your life. In addition, you will cover the entire New Testament in exactly one year (260 chapters in the New Testament and 260 weekdays in the year). What could be any easier?
So I encourage you to sign up and make a commitment to use the online service daily. Ask the Lord to help you follow through. If you miss and fall back, start again. It will change your life like nothing else, which is not my word but the evidence of research and the promise of God (Romans 12:1-3).

The Online Video Bible makes it easy and convenient. So sign up and make it a part of your life. You'll be glad you did!

We hope that you enjoy The WatchWORD Bible!


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