What we mean by Partnering

As a Ministry, Church Organisation or any other form of Christian organisation you'll no doubt have your own website and your own existing user community.

We simply build your very own WatchWord Online Bible portal  and match the branding to your existing web presence so that it looks just like your own website and your own service.

No IT Hassle

There is no IT hassle whatsoever because we design and host everything.   You don't need any extra IT resources,  computers or bandwidth.  In fact  the only thing you'll need to do is advertise your new service on your webiste.  It really could not be simpler.

Keep Track of Usage and Income

We also give you access to our online reporting system so that you can see how many new users are on your portal, what they're watching and of course how much revenue share is due to you each month.

Becoming a Partner

Simply email us for further information on partnering with us by having your own-brand online video bible service.

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