May 12th, 2010  - London (UK), Pittsburgh PA (USA)

World's first video Bible of the entire New Testament goes mobile… 

It’s said that you remember 10% of what you read; 20% of what you hear; 30% of what you see and 50% of what you simultaneously see, read and hear. This has it all! And once you start watching, it’s hard to turn off!

Pittsburgh based WatchWORD Productions (WatchWord), producers of the worlds’ only stunning video bible of the entire New Testament has today announced a formal partnership with UK based In2itive Business Solutions Ltd (In2itive).

Jim Fitzgerald (founder and Managing Trustee of WatchWord) received a powerful vision from God in the early 1990’s to produce the Bible as a Video-book that people could watch, read, and hear all at the same time, making Bible reading compelling and effortless for many more people. Fitzgerald says the new partnership is timely. “When we began production in the early nineties we started out with the entire 26 hour production on VHS tape, eventually moving to DVD.” But Fitzgerald says he always believed the best use of his videos would someday be online and on some kind of handheld player. “I had no real understanding of just how much the Internet and mobile phones would provide such an open path for our unique production to the entire world, but this is bread and butter for In2itive and they bring nearly 10 years of expertise in doing just that.”

Fitzgerald says that meeting Jeff Lenton (founder and Chief Executive of In2itive) back in 2005 was providential and led to the first steps of taking an interactive version of the Bible with powerful tools for streaming all 260 chapters of video to the Internet. One of the key tools is an automated 5x52 daily reading plan that plays a new chapter every weekday of the year. Now WatchWord and In2itive are working together to take the entire video and all of the tools along with a choice of interactive or simple downloads to mobile smart-phone users. “Anyone will be able to watch the bible anytime and anywhere at the tap of a finger. It’s taken years for the technology to reach this point.” said Fitzgerald “it’s a whole new experience reading God’s word.”

In2itive’s business is based on in-house technology and services that facilitate the monetising and distribution of 3rd party proprietary multi-media content (and in particular video) via the Internet and mobile (smart) phones. Operating in the European private and public sector with content partners, In2itive delivers interactive online learning and educational content to tens of thousands of subscribers through partner channels.

In2itive Chief Executive Jeff Lenton (a self-confessed “business-aholic and serial entrepreneur”) first met with Jim Fitzgerald back in 2005 on a business trip to Pittsburgh. “When I was introduced to Jim I found the story of his journey, his faith and his mission to take the Bible to the world in such a powerfully engaging, easily understandable and memorable format truly amazing. As soon as I saw the video I was hooked on the business proposition. Right then I knew this was a unique and phenomenal product to make available to potential viewers in every corner of the world via the Internet – it’s what In2itve’s core business is built on and what In2itive has been successfully doing for a long time”.

Lenton says that little did he know that becoming involved in this project would give a complete 180 degree turn in his personal belief. “Since starting work on this project, my faith and whole understanding of the Bible and Christianity has been positively changed by unimaginable proportions, and I feel God’s immense presence on a daily basis, driving both spiritual and business commitment to what we are doing here.”

Lenton says that he feels this is missionary work with a difference. “This is a new kind of missionary work – its “E-missionary” work, introducing a truly engaging video book of the Bible from the relative safety and comfort of our home environment.

It’s said that you remember 10% of what you read, 20% of what you hear, 30% of what you see and 50% of what you simultaneously see, read and hear. This has it all! It’s a perfect teaching tool and instead of reading a couple of chapters from the Bible, many users spend upwards of 30-40 minutes a day watching it – once you start, it’s hard to turn off!”

Before the two decided to formalise their partnership, they worked together to launch several exploratory on-line evaluation sites with a handful of distributors, Ministries and Church Organisations to reach different corners of the world and test the whole solution. Hundreds of users from China to Australia, the middle East, Europe, South America and of course the US and Canada signed up and loved the Internet service. With the launch of the mobile service, even more users who are on the move will be able to have personal access wherever they are.

Fitzgerald and Lenton are currently visiting potential channel partners including Ministries and Bible Societies, Church Groups and other communities across the US and Europe, who could utilise the existing productions and solutions or even license their own version using the existing resources as an early entrance to the global on-line and mobile audience.

WatchWORD and In2itive are currently consolidating their joint strategy to maximise the combination of WatchWords’ acclaimed production capabilities and In2itives’ on-line and mobile distribution platform. It is planned to secure funding to complete new translations and languages to reach even more potential Christian audiences around the world.

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