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Watch, listen and readThe first true Video Book, The WatchWORD Bible is a God-given vision to impact the world through the power of God’s Word - on video!

In 1991, the year the Internet was born, Jim Fitzgerald had an unexpected vision for a whole new way to present God’s Word on screen.  Late one night at the end of a three day fast, he outlined how the entire Bible could be produced in a compelling way on video for the first time - to reach millions of people around the world.

Amazed at what the Lord had shown him, he promised to devote his life to this vision if it were God’s will.  Yet, he had no idea how difficult producing The WatchWORD Bible would prove to be.
At first, producers told him it would be technologically impossible.  But, even if he could produce it, they said no one would ever watch it; and he’d never raise the funds for such an extensive production anyway.  
Yet, he believed in the supreme importance of God’s word as the essential foundation for any genuine revival.  Jesus had said, “Go into all the world and make disciples…teaching them to do all  that I have commanded you” (Matt. 28:19-20).   All that He had commanded was to be found only in the Bible.  

The Bible was essential to carrying the Great Commission and living the Christian life.  Yet, biblically illiteracy only continued to grow, though the Bible was an inexpensive commodity and aggressive Bible translation had been underway for 30 years.  This inspired book often sat unused on people’s shelves and failed to keep pace with the use of electronic media.  Many people said they were too busy to read the Bible or it was too difficult to understand.
Today, The WatchWORD Bible® is a reality.  A decade in the making, the entire New Testament can be watched word for word on video.  Its timely creation coincides with an unparalleled explosion in digital media distribution, from Satellite TV, Digital Cable, and DVDs, to iPods, Cell Phones and of course, the Internet.  
Watchword Bible Online Vision

In partnership with UK based In2itive Business Solutions, TheBibleChannel.com was launched in 2009 to make The WatchWORD Bible New Testament accessible all over the world via the Internet.  

For the first time ever, you can watch the Bible chapter by chapter and book by book wherever you are whenever you wish.  Powerful tools make it easy and enjoyable to read your Bible everyday online.  Try the previews to see for your self and explore the tools, like the One-Year Reading Plan.  

Best of all, rent today and start your weekdays off right watching a video chapter from God’s word each day.  You can watch five chapters a week for less than an iTunes song.  You can watch more than 20 chapters a month for less than a single Starbucks coffee or a fast food combo meal—while you build your faith!   

As a Partner you can have your own white labelled online video bible service to use as a fund-raiser and earn revenue for your organisation - whilst getting your entire membership into God’s word on a daily basis.  

Finally, an Online Video Bible subscription makes a practical spiritual gift that will keep giving all year long.  So why not give the gift of God’s word to someone you love - nothing in the world is more important!  

*(Major world language productions now finished or underway include Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, and German, with immediate plans for Spanish, Chinese, and the Scandinavian languages.)

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